Company History


  • Jun - The founder focuses on industrial safety. Based on years of industry experience, he founded "Hangzhou Yasong Electronics Co., Ltd." and created a series of voice-based sound and light alarm products with its own characteristics.
  • Dec - The 05 series voice-type sound and light alarm products have achieved success with high quality, high quality and perfect technical support.


  • Jun - 05 series voice type sound and light alarm, won 3 national innovation patents.
  • Aug - Based on the needs of the industry, the concept of adjustable tone and volume was proposed nationwide.
  • Oct - The 05B and 05C products with adjustable tones and volume were successfully launched. In the same month, "YASONG" added voice customization services in order to provide better products.
  • Dec - The dedicated manual alarm for cranes was officially launched.


  • Feb - A number of upgrades have been made to the sound and light alarm series products, and higher requirements have been put forward for key components such as product speakers, light sources, power amplifiers, etc., so that the product performance stability and service life have reached the industry's advanced water quality.
  • Apr - The 1101 and 5101 series of warning lights were launched, and the products received a huge response from the market once they were launched. As of 2015, the product has gone to the world, has been recognized by many countries in Asia, Europe and Africa, and has established long-term cooperative relations with many users.
  • Jun - 5071, 2071 and other small warning lights were launched; the R&D team expanded to 20+ people; the successful introduction of the ERP system greatly improved the company's office efficiency. Production increased equipment investment and added 2 injection molding machines to further ensure product quality.
  • Aug - With the tenet of "providing perfect services", Yasong will provide customers with free voice customization and recording services from August 31st.
  • Oct - Successfully developed "LED light bulb", with "LED light bulb" as the light source, 1101L series products quickly occupied the market as soon as they were launched, and became the leading product of "YASONG" warning lights.
  • Dec - The sound and light alarm products for small construction machinery were officially released, and the product model was named "01".


  • Feb - The warning light product series has been developed into small, medium and large series, and there are hundreds of sets of warning light products according to statistics.
  • Apr - The recordable sound and light alarm 3100 was successfully developed. In the same month, the company proposed to expand the production area and adjust the company structure in order to meet the growing market demand.
  • Jun - The company's new regional division is completed. Added 1 assembly workshop, 1 injection molding workshop, 1 finished product warehouse, and 1 multi-functional conference room. The expanded company has 6 office areas, 2 packaging areas, 2 finished product warehouses, 1 turnover warehouse, 1 raw material warehouse, 2 production workshops, 1 injection molding workshop, and 2 finished product testing and aging areas. The overall scale reaches 8000 square meters.
  • Aug - Yasong established the "Special Port Equipment" project, and conducted product research and development on equipment such as "Sliding Line Indicator", "Crown Train Commander", "Specialized Sound and Light Alarm" and "Laser Anti-collision Device".
  • Oct - "Sliding line indicator light", "special sound and light alarm" and "laser anti-collision device" three types of products have been developed and successfully launched.
  • Dec - The product of "Crown Train Commander" was launched. The "Port Special Equipment" project was a complete success. "Sliding line indicator light" and "special-purpose sound and light alarm" have achieved gratifying results in the port industry and have been highly praised by the industry.


  • Feb - The company has established a high-end line of sound and light alarm products, aiming at export and large decibels. The research and development of "high-power sound and light alarm" and "explosion-proof sound and light alarm" has entered a tense preparation stage.
  • Apr - The products of "high-power sound and light alarm" and "explosion-proof sound and light alarm" have been successfully developed. The product performance completely surpasses all the company's alarm products, and the sound is loud and shocking.
  • Jun - "High-power sound and light alarm" was officially put into production, and it was highly appreciated by the market in the month it was launched. The company received the national patent certificate of "high-power sound and light alarm". The success of this project provides the company with a new growth point of performance and influences the company's future development direction. The company's products are comprehensively oriented to low, medium and high customers.
  • Aug - "Explosion-proof sound and light alarm" won 4 national patents, and the product began to be produced in small batches in the same month. Solar warning lights and dry battery warning lights are selling well.
  • Oct - "Explosion-proof sound and light alarm" began to receive small batch orders, and the appearance quality of the product was well received by users. According to the investigation of users' usage habits, the "remote control series sound and light alarm" has been developed. This product series is extremely user-friendly.
  • Dec - The company's products are in the stage of environmental protection certification, and the products begin to apply for CE certification gradually.


  • Feb - The company has established a multi-faceted development route for products, with the goal of intelligent and systematic products.
  • Apr - The product of "Crown Train Commander" was successfully developed and entered the testing stage. The projects of "power failure alarm", "infrared security alarm system" and "portable sound and light alarm" were established. The "motor buzzer" for foreign markets was officially launched.
  • Jun - Relevant leaders of governments at all levels visited the company to inspect the work, and Yasong was highly praised by the leaders and gave guidance.
  • Aug - The three products of "power failure alarm", "infrared security alarm system" and "portable sound and light alarm" were successfully developed and launched successfully. The development of the company has officially entered the stage of "intelligent alarm".
  • Oct - Smarter has been officially established as the core concept of the company's product design, and Yasong takes the "industry 4.0" of "intelligent manufacturing" as its development goal to develop intelligent alarms.
  • Dec - Yasong's first "5-year plan" has officially ended, and Yasong has achieved the gratifying achievement that the company's sales have doubled every year. At the company's annual meeting, the board of directors of Yasong announced the second "5-year plan"