QA & Customer Service Policy

YASONG Electronics After-sales Service Regulations

Thank you for choosing and using the products of Hangzhou Yasong Electronics Co., Ltd. At the same time, we strive to deliver high-efficiency, high-quality and continuous "zero-distance" services to you to meet your service needs to the greatest extent:

service items

  1. Emergency alarm diagnosis: Provide emergency alarm demand assessment and risk diagnosis report.
  2. Project planning and design: provide emergency alarm solutions and design budget.
  3. Project implementation and guidance: Provide guidance on the implementation of emergency alarm projects.
  4. System commissioning and delivery: ensure that the emergency alarm system is turned on at one time.
  5. Customer training: Compile targeted operation manuals, targeted maintenance manuals, and conduct targeted operation training.
  6. Return visits and product inspections: Regular return visits, free inspections during the product warranty period, and in-process inspection reports are issued. Products outside the warranty period provide paid testing and issue a process inspection report.
  7. Repair and maintenance: The company's products are guaranteed for one year. During the warranty period (except for man-made or force majeure), product failures or damages are repaired or replaced free of charge. Outside the warranty period, only the cost of replacement parts will be charged.

service method

  1. Hotline: To provide you with technical advice, daily troubleshooting, complaints, emergency contact.
  2. Written information: To prepare technical information and design scheme according to your requirements. At the same time, we will regularly deliver the latest product information to you.
  3. On-site service: Provide on-site service according to your requirements, solve product failures, product upgrades, and ensure the normal operation of products; at the same time, carry out technical exchanges and personnel training. We promise: after your request for on-site service is confirmed by the company, the office or agent will arrive at the site within 48 hours according to the prior commitment.
  4. Regular visits: Our company's professional and technical service personnel will contact you regularly to communicate, understand the operation of the product, and collect your information and suggestions.
  5. Exchange activities: hold events such as system dynamics and technical exchange meetings from time to time.

Service Content

  1. Free service
  • The product warranty period is one year (calculated based on the date of sale). If there is a quality problem with the product itself during the warranty period, it will be repaired and maintained free of charge after confirmation.
  • During the product warranty period, a full range of technical support is provided free of charge.
  • The company provides you with consultation and answers to common problems in the operation of emergency alarms, system upgrade suggestions, and consultation services; provides on-site installation and commissioning process guidance services.
      2.Paid service
  • You can sign a "Maintenance Contract" with Hangzhou Yasong Electronics Co., Ltd. Our full-time technical service personnel regularly inspect and maintain the product to ensure the normal and stable operation of the product.

Product Warranty Implementation Rules

  1.  Any one of the following situations is not covered by the warranty:
  • out of warranty
  • Installation, use and maintenance are not carried out in accordance with the requirements of the manual;
  • Users can modify the product process structure and circuit by themselves, or use non-factory accessories;
  • Damage caused by irresistible accidents, disasters and human negligence;
  • Damage caused during transportation (negotiate with the shipping party);
  • Defects in materials, design, and manufacturing that cannot be found by the level of science and technology when the product is put into circulation;

      2. Within the legal framework, the company reserves the right of final interpretation.